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About Canadian Mid-East Academic

Education in Canada  

About Canadian Mid – East Academic  

Canadian Mid – East Academic, C.M.A, founded in 1997 by a group of distinguished Iranian and Canadian University professors teaching in the Canadian Universities, was registered in Halifax, Canada. 

Offering the primary instructions, determined by the Canadian Universities, through the different branches outside of Canada was among the major goals and perspectives of C.M.A which was reached through God Almighty.  

The Canadian company of C.M.A is an educational company which was registered in Halifax Dartmouth, in the state of Nova Scotia, Canada. It is still operating, through an office, in Halifax – Dartmouth which is a major port city. Halifax Dartmouth is considered Canada’s major commercial and business capital in the Atlantic region.  

C.M.A helps university applicants enroll in their desired fields of study in the universities they wish to study. This Shows the extent of flexibility C.M.A has to help the applicants either get direct admissions to Canadian universities or study for one or two years in the United Arab of Emirates or Iran before going to Canada. C.M.A can offer best educational programs offered in Canada – courses  such as Sciences, Engineering, Management and Art.  

Before C.M.A was established, foreign students had problems getting admissions to Canadian Universities. The C.M.A company is now able to give admissions to qualified applicants from the Persian gulf countries or the neighboring countries to study in their desired fields. This is possible through a unique and exclusive program. This unique program has already started in Dubai, the U.A.E and Iran. This C.M.A students are considered to be students of Canadian universities from the very beginning. All courses offered by C.M.A in the Mid – East countries are exactly the same as those offered and taught in the universities of Canada.

Applicants wishing to study Sciences, Management, Engineering and Art in the best and top universities in Canada are required to have at least 75% of the total average scores in English and Mathematics and this should not be lower than 70%.  

C.M.A‘s first branch opened in Dubai, the U.A.E. It is now admitting and sending students to the mother universities. 

Now, having years of experiences, C.M.A in our dear country, Iran, is offering these services:

Student services:

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To provide ease and comfort for foreign students our organization will offer the following services as well as helping them get the student visa.
  1. C.M.A in Iran and the U.A.E offers intensive English courses as well as first year basic courses needed for Canadian universities – Dalhousie and Saint Mary’s. C.M.A students can move to second year in Dalhousie and Saint Mary’s without TOEFL or IELTS documents.

  2. Free personal consultation along with complete information regarding issues such as culture, living style, economical and fob opportunities, as well as information concerning all the educational courses.

  3. Private consultation and free evaluation in order to obtain student visa

  4. Registration in the best educational institutes, language schools, colleges and universities.

    (Contact our offices and representatives for personal consultation or time arrangement)

Services after getting student visa.
  1. Free airport services upon arrival in countries where C.M.A has offices.

  2. Visits regarding the town / city and the university

  3. Free consultation concerning housing accommodation.

  4. Controlling and preparing educational reports if parents request

  5. Services concerning renting/ purchasing mobile phones, properties or personal cars

  6. Free consultations regarding residential visa

Yearly Education charges in Canada from 10,000 to 16,500 (Canadian dollar)  

Residential charges including dormitory, food, and transportation:

          From 900 to 1200 Monthly (Canadian Dollar)

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